Sophie was born in Swindon to Polish exiled parents (her real name is Alicja Teodorowicz). Her love of food began at school, where she started cooking for 6th form parties then later at university, she moved on to organising dinner parties for over 20 people using recipes from the Cordon Bleu book series. When she finished studying, Sophie became a model and Sophie Grey was born!  

Finally, in 1990, she landed her first professional catering job — preparing dinner for a party at Simon Cowell’s house.  Recognising that catering was a great business and her first real love, Sophie’s work as a caterer was set and, employing her model friends to serve the food, she has been catering for the film, fashion and property industries ever since.

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As if all this wasn’t enough, Sophie went on to open an artisan bakery in March 2009 feeling that, given her passion and knowledge for fine quality food, bread and cakes, this was a natural progression. Since then she has been delivering wholesale bread and pastries to restaurants and cafés throughout London including her own Crazy Baker cafes where her retail customers can also enjoy her homemade cooking.

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Realising that not only do people want to buy fantastic quality bread and cakes – they wanted to learn how to make them too, she started writing down some of her recipes – Sophie’s first book “Let’s Make Whoopies!” was published in 2011, click here to order yourself a copy or contact us directly and we’ll arrange for Sophie to sign one for you!

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