Let’s Cook French Dinner Party

What you’ll cook:

  • Chicken Liver Parfait
  • Twice Baked Cheese Souffle with a cheese sauce
  • Tarragon Chicken Casserole
  • Duck Breast with Blackberry Sauce
  • Crème Brûlée
  • Almond Tart with Cherries & Crème Anglaise

Course content:

Learn classic French cooking, bringing the essence of the South of France and Paris to your kitchen using herbs, cheese and wine to flavour your dishes.  Starting with a cheese souffle and a chicken liver parfait paired with a delicious sourdough. We will show you how to make a classic French casserole involving how to use French herbs, slow cooking the dish to develop the flavour and create a dish that’s no hassle to serve for your guests and great to share. For a more technical dish, we will also cook a duck breast with a red wine reduced sauce, flavoured with blackberries. For dessert you will learn the classic crème brûlée making the custard from scratch and blow torching the brûlée before serving. To add to your dessert repertoire we will show you a pâte sablée sweet pastry and make a Frangipane tart which can also be the basis of so many French tarts.

What to expect: On arrival tea, coffee and fresh pastries will be ready for you to enjoy.  You are welcome to arrive early and stroll around the house, play with the cats, leaf through the cookery books in the library or wonder around the garden weather permitting.

The course starts promptly at 10am.

The morning will be taken up with making the parfait, the custard, and pastry for the tart. You will then start the casserole and the red wine sauce. At the end of the morning session, we will make the soufflé which we will have for lunch with wine or soft drinks.  In the afternoon we will finish the dishes and while we are packing up the dishes for you to take away, you can enjoy a mini tartlet and a cup of tea and a glass of dessert wine.

You will take home a recipe booklet, a mini parfait, crème brûlée and a tartlet together with a few portions of the main dishes.

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