Let’s Make Doughnuts.

What you’ll make:

  • Doughnuts
  • Jam & custard to fill
  • Other fillings and toppings also available including chocolate ganache, dulce de leche, icing and more!

Doughnut Making Course content:

A two hour course that will give you an insight into the wonderful world of dough and how to make delicious doughnuts. Held by Karen and Sophie who will share their vast experience of baking, you will be hooked on making your own doughnuts. You will learn about flour types, yeast, mixing, proving, shaping and frying. Together with making a jam and custard filling all from scratch!

What to expect:

On arrival tea, coffee and fresh pastries will be ready for you to enjoy.  You are welcome to arrive early and stroll around the house, leaf through the cookery books in the library or wonder around the garden weather permitting and play with the kittens.

The course starts promptly at 2pm.

You will join Sophie and Karen who will talk you through the general principles of making dough, then working in pairs you will make your own doughnuts. While the doughnuts are proving, Karen and Sophie will demonstrate how to make the perfect jam and custard fillings, giving you all the tips from whisking your custard to make it nice and smooth, to how to pipe your fillings perfectly. When the doughnuts are ready you will enjoy a final cup of tea with your freshly made doughnut.

You will take home a recipe booklet, dough scraper and a box of homemade doughnuts!

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